Seminar Wrap-up 

Thank you for participating in the UnderAcademy College Summer Seminar 2014.

Throughout the seminar we have covered a wide variety of topics related to meme culture; including, banality, dead memes, memes and science, taxonomies for memes, their abundance in our online culture… The discussions have been lively and interesting.

To wrap-up the seminar we would like to ask a few final questions. Please answer the following as COMMENTS to this post.

  1. What did you find most interesting about the topics covered in the UnderAcademy Summer Seminar 2014?
  2. What will you take away from the experience?
  3. Has the seminar change your view of memes critically, creatively, socially?

The blog will remain open for posting through August 15. Please feel free to continue to post.

CERTSAMPsTo receive your printable certificate of participation in the seminar. You will need to have done the following:

1. Completed a minimum of five of the primary assignments (assingnments 2-8)
2. Been an active participant by posting comments to the assignments, or to the posts of other participants.

You will need to complete the following online survey and certificate request.

UnderAcademy Summer Seminar 2014 Exit Survey and Certificate Request