AUG 04
Introduction to the Seminar

AUG 05
Gestic Play: Iterative, Performative, and Emergent Memes
Talan Memmott

AUG 06
Post Semiotics and Memery
Jeremy Hight

AUG 07
Technoprogressive Communalism: Sharing is Caring
Erik Zepka

AUG 08
Embracing Banality
Talan Memmott

AUG 09
Scientific Method Acting: The Art of Knowing Everything / Part 2
Davin Heckman

AUG 10
The Undead Meme Zombie Crew
Jeremy Hight

AUG 11
The Categories of Saturation: Subsisting Language
Erik Zepka

AUG 12
Final Seminar Wrap-up