meme_sumsemWelcome to the course blog for the UNDERACADEMY COLLEGE SUMMER SEMINAR 2014.

MEME ON MEME ACTION is a seminar that focuses on meme cultures, their patterns of emergence, of decadence, of virality and longevity … on their rhetorical methods and position in (or outside of) language arts.
The digressors for the seminar introduce topics for participatory discussion and critical-creative practice. Each day of the 10-day seminar includes exercises and assignments. The seminar schedule can be found here — Seminar Schedule.

Last day to request your certificate of participation

Please see the final seminar assignment to request your certificate of participation.

Assignment 1 — Introduction and First Assignment
Assignment 2 — Gestic Play: Iterative, Performative, and Emergent Memes
Assignment 3 — Post Semiotics and Memery
Assignment 4 — Technoprogressive Communalism: Sharing is Caring
Assignment 5 — Embracing Banality
Assignment 6 — Scientific Method Acting: The Art of Knowing Everything / Part 2
Assignment 7 — The Undead Meme Zombie Crew
Assignment 8 — The Categories of Saturation: Subsisting Language

  Final Seminar Wrap-up